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  • Indie or pop artists are somewhat independent artists, whose music does not comply with the trends of the common commercial music industry. Their music genre is thus, what makes them stand unique from the rest of the music fraternity.

    To understand in better way, let us explore as how and why this trend of pop artists started. Indie artists started as aggressive bands during 1970s. They made music and songs for people, who shared similar ideology as theirs. The trend passed on and now, there are numerous pop artists in the music industry.

    Most of these artists resemble to the unsigned bands. These artists often go on self-financed world tours, where local gigs help them to organize concerts in their cities.  They simply make their own music using easy recording systems, computer software and the Internet. These unsigned bands do not have artist managers. Sometimes, the lead singer or the main band member works as the artist manager and looks after the entire concert.

    More and more music enthusiasts are turning to this genre of music because these artists do not have any obligation of contract or whatsoever, and that they can make music of their interests.

    How Do They Promote Their Talent?

    Independent Artists

    Indie artists of the unsigned bands do not approach any recording label in the music industry. Instead, they supply their music CDs to their fans and other individuals on demand. Indies artists often work in close association with one another.


    These artists even have their own web sites through which they advertise their music, inform the fans about the upcoming tours and so on.

    Once the music is acclaimed, it automatically finds its way through radio stations, televisions and people need to place their order on the indie artist's web site. The ownership and the copyright of their music remain with them.

    However, new generation of the unsigned bands and indie artists from big cities are breaking away from this traditional trend. They are hiring artist managers to handle and promote their music genre.

    No matter what, the popularity of such artists is increasing and they top the popularity charts frequently.

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