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  • One of the facts of playing bingo is the specials. Specials can refer to special games or to special offers. Anyone who has played land-based bingo knows that the specials are games played on special cards that must be purchased for use only in those games. They are usually for a pattern or a coverall game and carry a prize that is greater than the prizes in the regular games.

    Players may want to increase their purchase of cards for these special games. When bingo is a fair game, the more cards a player plays, the greater the players chances are of having the winning card. This has to do with the randomness of the draw in the number selection process. When the bingo balls are of equal weight, then each ball has the same probability of being drawn into the air tube and called by the caller. No one ball has a better chance of being called than any other ball does. The selection of each ball is a random event and has no relationship to the selection of any other ball. In this situation, every number has the same chance of being called and, at the onset of the game, every card has the same chance of winning. This means that in a game of chance and luck as bingo is, the only way the player can increase her chances of winning, is to play more cards.

    Now apply this to special games. Since the cards for special games tend to be more expensive than the cards for regular games, most players only buy a few cards because of the cost involved. Players who follow this strategy may want to re-evaluate their plans. The special games might be a time to increase your card purchases. While it is true that the more cards you play, the better your chances are of having the winning hand, the player must compare the costs of the cards with the expected winnings. Is it worth it to bear the cost of increased card purchases for the specials? This is what the player must determine.

    Sometimes the best bingo offers are the packages of cards that are sold at the entrance. This usually gives the player one or two cards for the specials, and many players are content with this. Remember to do your homework and see how many cards others are playing and compare the costs with the expected winnings to see if you should buy more cards.

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