• How to find Broadway theater tickets

  • Have you ever needed last minute tickets to a show and had no idea

    how to find them? A couple of little hints could solve this problem for the next time you are in a jam. Once a show is sold out and tickets are no longer available from the Theatre box office

    you have a few choices you can make. Each choice can take time, or no time at all but the price you are willing to pay depends on those factors.

    First option in finding Broadway play tickets last minute would be to shop online at ticket broker sites, this is probably the most expensive option you have, you can look around for promotional discounts to save some money, for the most part, all ticket brokers charge about the same price. Even if they advertise no service fee's, they still mark up the price of the ticket itself.

    The next option is to look in local papers and online forums related to the topic. If you want a specific show, look for a site dedicated to that Broadway play, post to the room asking for tickets. Most of the time there are already people posting to sell tickets for an event. I have purchased great seats at face value to sold out events. People who share an interest are not looking to make money, they are more interested in helping out a friend.How to find Broadway theater tickets

    The last option is to arrive at the show and talk to the will call booth. This is the area where people arrive

    to pick up tickets they put on their credit cards. Many times people back out of an event, and the person who bought

    the tickets is left with an extra or two. Since he is receiving the tickets last minute he is willing to part with them

    at face value just to recover the losses, and go see the Broadway play. These tickets are usually great seats, since

    the purchaser probably ordered them as soon as they went on sale. This method is probably the cheapest and best way to get

    great seating, but also the most risk, because there is a chance that there will be no extra seats at the will call booth.

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