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  • The job market involving graphic design would be one of the hottest by 2014. The most in demand jobs would be concentrated around graphic design, designing websites and computer animation. Never think that the market would be free from competition, even though there would be plenty of jobs in computer graphic design. This is because this line is pursued by many. The educational qualifications needed for becoming a computer graphic designer is a four year college degree or a Bachelors Degree. If you do a two years college degree or an Associates Degree then you could obtain some technical positions. This type of career can not move forward unless you get further education. The importance of formal education must be clearly understood if you want your career to continue in this field.

    About thirty percent of computer graphic professionals work as freelancers. Half of the freelancers would hold steady jobs in either a computer graphics company or employed in some computer related organization.Because there is no shortage in the demand for computer graphic designers, from smaller companies who can not afford to pay the larger design firms, freelancing is a good option in this career.

    There are many other careers in computer graphic design. The many career options you have include the print media like books, papers and periodicals, audio media like advertising or electronic media like films and TV. If you seek a career in a large or small specialist company, you might not get so much in terms of variety but you could expect a steady stream of work. This can only make your clients happy and make them offer you new projects.Computer graphics professionals

    If you wish to pursue this as a career, a college degree, desire, and knowing where you want to go is not enough. You must develop the art of using computer graphic software as well as other computer related jobs. You need to make a portfolio which is a collection of some of your best work. So the contents could come between your getting the job or not.

    It is important to acquire the first entry level job, as soon as you have complete your college and made up your mind as to where you want to go. Computer graphic design jobs can be found at various places. If you are looking for opportunities as a freelancer, then look through online job boards, classified ads as well as job for hire boards. The reason for this is that all people concerned know that this is an expensive proposition. Wish you good luck and better fortunes as you pursue a graphic design career.

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