• Air Photogrpahy - gyro stabilized nessecary?

  •   The airliner you were travelling on would have certainly had a few in the inertial navigation system. Most Aerial Photography companies have known the benefits of Gyro stabilisation for many years. However, with the advancement in stabilised lenses is there a benefit in using an externally mounted Gyro unit such the K8 or K9?

    The advancement in Digital SLR’s has allowed a greater range in the parameters of photography and with a touch of a button ISO settings can be adjusted, shutter speed altered and the focal length selected. This makes it possible for a Photographer to maintain a high shutter speed with a relatively high ISO setting and merely monitor the Focal length using the Timer Value setting on the camera.

    Most Aerial Photography is undertaken in good condition with little cloud cover and good sunlight. This alone will allow ISO values to be kept relatively low with a high shutter speed but the investment in high quality professional lenses is also important. A lense which can operate down to an focal length of 2.8 or even 1.2 gives the photographer much more flexibility when selecting settings. It must also be remembered that most aerial photography is elevated landscape photography and therefore a low focal length can cause problems on large sites.

    Air Photogrpahy - gyro stabilized nessecary?

    A gyro unit such as the K8 or K9 will provide stabilisation but they can be large, heavy and awkward in the confined space of an aircraft. Providing the photographer is not resting arms and elbows on the airframe of the aircraft the vibrations can be minimised and should not cause a problem and shutter speeds around 800th/sec should also help.

    It would appear therefore that the use of a gyro unit for Aerial Photography is perhaps not necessary in most conditions. However, night shooting where much slower shutter speed are permitted would benefit from the use of a gyro stabilisation unit.

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