• Aerial photography - what is the market?

  • These advances include small lightweight but high definition equipment such as the Sony HVR-Z1E. The results are still spectacular and have allowed the production of short video clips to be attained at relatively low cost which small Aerial Photography companies are utilising.

    In the past high quality aerial filming has been primarily for the high budget film and broadcast industry. However, in the last decade the commercial property sector in the UK has opened up a new market. Corporate DVD’s and promotional material is now in motion, still images are still important but if an investor can visually fly all the transport links to a potential investment site and view the proximity to local retail areas it will aid them in decision making and the basic marketing of the site.

    The emergence of this market has allowed Aerial Photography companies to move into the video market using their existing fixed wing aircraft and smaller High Definition recording equipment. Aerial photography - what is the market?

    Event organisers, promoters and event location owners open another interesting market for Aerial Filming. The benefits of Aerial Photography to event organisers has been known and utilised for many years and the visual reference it provides to what is happening on the ground at a specific point in time is something that can never be replicated. The filming of an event site can really capture the excitement of the occasion and aid the owner of a site to promote the location to future event organisers.

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