• Aerial photography or mast photography - how to improve?

  • These offer very different products and the end use, location and size of site will dictate which is the most appropriate.Mast Photography is where a camera is elevated from a fixed point on the ground using an extended pole or mast. This is often hydraulically operated although some manual systems still exist. Conventional Aerial Photography utilizes an aircraft such as a Cessna or a Robinson Helicopter. Both mast and conventional aerial photographic companies will often have their own extensive Aerial Photographic Library.

    Although it would appear that mast photography would be lower cost it must be remembered that the photographer (with mast) must travel to the site and once at a site it takes time to set up the mast in each position. Due to these timely processes the price is often similar.

    Aerial photography or mast photography - how to improve?

    Event Photography is often undertaken using a combination of both mast photography and aerial photography due to the differences in the results. It also allows greater coverage and a much greater variety of angles.

    Although some forms of Construction Photography benefit from mast photography large construction projects will often require conventional aerials as greater height will be needed. This is especially true if local transport links need to be included which may be several miles from the site. Progress Photography of building projects will often have a similar brief but ultimately the type of photography used will be dictated by the size of the site and the desired content.

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