• To become a politician advantages and disadvantages of a public life

  • Politicians are public figures whom the community sees on TV, hears on the radio or sees in public places. They represent some parties, some interest groups or some movements that claim to do good for the society; politicians spend their lives fighting for the support of citizens, and sometimes they win it and become outstanding personalities in a country. How can one become a good politician, and is it really worth trying? What is the reality of being a politician? One should know everything about politics before diving into it.

    Truth of Being a Good and Bad Politician. To become a politician advantages and disadvantages of a public life

    1. The most attractive side of being a politician for every citizen is fame, prestige and power to change the world in which he or she lives. The community supports those politicians who are not indifferent to the destiny of their city, their state and their country, who fight for achieving welfare for the whole community and who are not afraid to engage in public debates and struggle for the recognition of some power's drawbacks and pitfalls.

    2. However, is it always so wonderful to be a politician? Do all politicians really correspond to their public image? There are many situations in which the politician who has recently been considered a respectable and well-bred one is engaged in a drug or blackmailing scandal, or even in a criminal case. The politician's reputation is unstable and fragile, so in case he or she gives some pretext for prosecution, it will start immediately.

    3. Finally, the minus of being a politician is that one becomes a public figure and he or she has no right for the private life, weaknesses or bad habits. In case he or she has them, it is necessary to conceal they as well as possible, as they will again be posed under the public consideration.

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