• You can drive compact SUV in the city?

  • There are many reasons to consider a compact SUV over its larger counterparts, such as the full-size or mid-size SUV. For instance, benefits that are included are improved fuel efficiency, satisfactory towing capacities, and extra storage for cargo & people when compared to a sedan. Smaller SUVs have many of the interior and exterior perks of a larger vehicle but are more adapted to city driving due to their size and lowered center of gravity.

    One of the key exterior features on a compact SUV is its size. These new SUV's are more agile and have the ability to fit in places that larger cars could not. Parking space is often limited in the city and these types of vehicles can make this situation much easier. Smaller vehicles have the similar body length but do not provide the extra cargo room that compact SUVs can offer while remaining relatively small in size. Since many new SUVs are built over sedan chassis, they retain the agility and sportiness of their smaller frames while increasing cargo space. This makes city driving fun and effortless while improving on storage. Many of these compact SUVs also have amenities such as dual sunroofs, great stereo systems, and hidden storage compartments for an increased amount of passengers.

    New smaller SUVs are now equipped with fuel consumption ratings that are similar to those found on many sedans and smaller vehicles. City driving tends to be lower with an average of about 27 to 35 kilometres per litre due to the weight of the bigger body and increased passenger weight. On the highway, there are many compact SUVs that can drive more than 40km/litre of fuel and a handful that can drive over 50 km/litre of fuel. Additionally,a new SUV can accommodate more passengers and cargo when compared to smaller sedans while providing owners with improved highway fuel efficiency.

    You can drive compact SUV in the city?

    Many compact SUVs also offer the ability to incorporate 4-wheel drive into the drivetrain for a rugged driving experience. Towing capacities may range depending on the power rating of the engine and transmission package that is chosen. This is often an specification that is overlooked in these compact SUVs and should not since these vehicles can differ in engine horsepower. This is critical because it could mean the difference between hauling a boat or not having the horsepower for the pull. For aggressive drivers, a compact vehicle does not have to require a sacrifice in power or speed ratings. These new SUV's are maneuverable and can have horsepower ratings of up to 250 horsepower or more.

    Low-end capacity towing is defined by vehicles that can tow less than half a tonne safely. These vehicles are meant for towing small trailers or personal watercraft. Some compact SUVs will offer high-end towing capacities that will allow for the towing of 1.5 tonne of equipment or more. These are suitable for pulling larger hauls or even a light boat and may be better for someone who requires tremendous towing power.

    If you are looking for cargo capacity to haul passengers and large items with the fuel efficiency of a sedan, a new compact SUV may be the right option for you. These versatile vehicles can offer the luxury and styling of a larger SUV with the compactness of a smaller sedan and are sure to please those are in the driver's seat with its quick handling and agility in the city.

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    Hugh McInnes loves everything about driving a compact SUV. He also loves tootling around in his new new SUV. Hugh is always up-to-date about new 4 wheel drive vehicles and never loses an opportunity to drive them and tell of his experiences.
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