• The washing machine was damaged your car?

  • A pressure washing unit can be the perfect car wash machine, provided you invest in the best pressure washer for the job. These systems have quickly made a name for themselves as a powerful, fast, and eco-friendly way to get vehicle exteriors clean.


    Unlike many manual cleaning methods, a power washer is much faster and can reach areas that can be difficult to access with a cloth or sponge. Power washers are also more effective and do not rely on harsh chemical cleaning agents in order to clear away road dust, bird spatter, and other kinds of deposits. In this way, these units are not only safe for the environment, but they are safe to use on vehicle bodies as well. However, it’s important to note that not all pressure washers are suited for vehicle detailing.


    More Power?


    It’s imperative to remember that the best car wash machine does not have the highest water pressure levels. This is a common mistake many people make when they try to choose the best power washer for their detailing needs. There is a misconception that, the higher the water pressure levels, the greater the cleaning power will be. Pressure washers for car detailing should not have pressure levels exceeding 1500 psi. Some of the most powerful power washers are used for heavy-duty cleaning tasks like degreasing or removing other kinds of heavy substances. These jobs require very high pressure levels in order to physically lift and remove the substance off the surface.


    The washing machine was damaged your car?

    Using a car wash machine with the same high pressure levels can do a lot of damage to the body of a vehicle. Excessively high pressure levels can leave dents and chips in the paint job and may even harm the actual body of the vehicle. This is why it is so important to use pressure washers that have the right water pressure levels. Optimum water pressure levels will lift and wash away different kinds of dirt and sedimentation without harming the vehicle body in any way. These units will also work to flush out salts and other minerals that may become embedded in the vehicle exterior.


    The Best Levels


    When it comes to auto detailing, the best car wash machines should have pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. These are the optimum pressure levels to ensure high-level cleaning without damaging the vehicle exteriors in any way. It is also important to invest in units that have relatively low water flow rates. This will cut down on unnecessary water wastage, which is something that should be considered with a mobile car wash. Along with a portable steam cleaner, the right pressure washer and carpet cleaning machines all come together to form a complete auto detailing package.


    Whether the auto detailing is performed at a garage or as part of a mobile car wash, always ensure that the car wash machine has pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. In addition, machines with wet steam output help remove grease and dirt from wheels and engines. While a portable steam cleaner can take care of spot cleaning jobs for the vehicle’s interior, power washers with optimum pressure levels and water flow rates will work on cleaning the vehicle’s exterior in the best and safest way possible.

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