• The speed limits to save time and money

  • Ah yes, the good old speed limit. Our silent big brother. The 11th commandment of life. The one road rule hardly anyone short of student drivers seem to take seriously.

    I should know. I was one of the lead foots. I attained almost 4 pages of traffic tickets, most of them speeding violations. My excuse was that I drove a sweet 1987 IROC Camero with a 5.7 liter corvette engine/tranny package and a top speed of 150 mph!

    Then one year I went too far and was called into the traffic licencing office and given a choice. Either go to trafic school or lose my licence for six months... then go to traffic school. Needless to say I made the obvious choice.

    I drove 80 miles to the school on a beautiful Saturday that I could have been spending on the beach! Once I arrived, I joined about 15 others who were to suffer the same fate.

    To make a long story short... ( or to save it for another article..lol), I put in my 6 hours of classroom study and 2 hours of driving practice. I must say I came out of the experience a changed driver. I learned I had developed A LOT of bad driving habits and was taught some valuable lessons. Especially when it comes to saving money while driving properly.

    1/ By going the speed limit you actually get to your destination in the same amount of time or even faster.

    Yep, I didn't beleive it either until I put it into practice. You see, most if not all city planners actually time the traffic lights. If you go the posted speed limit and start timing the intersections when they turn green. you will hit green lights at least 70-80% of the time. This will save you an immense amount of time.

    2/ Driving the speed limit saves you money from speeding tickets. The speed limits to save time and money

    My average was about $750 per year in traffic tickets. In the last 3 years...$0 or a savings of $2250!!

    3/ Going the speed limit saves gas and oil money.

    My mileage has gone up approximately 15-20%

    4/ Driving the speed limit saves wear and tear on your brakes.

    If your not constanly stopping for red lights, your saving your brakes in a huge way. I personally have not had to do a brake job in 3 years where I used to redo them every 2 years.

    and #5/ The less gas and oil we burn, the less dependent we will be on foriegn oil.

    Isn't this reason enough!

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    released by Jimmy GrahamJimmy Graham is a self confessed speedaholic and custom car junkie. His automotive common sense articles and money saving information can found http://www.shopfindadeal.com/cheap_rim/
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