• Series is a two wheel drive vehicle which is pedale.

  • The very first form of something like to a bicycle was what was called the Draisienne which was invented in 1817. It was believed to be a machine which aid to walk faster.

    Baron Von Drais invented it of solid wood to help him get around the garden, faster. 2 in line wheels of the same size, mounted in a frame was the gadget and this was propelled by the user pushing his feet against the floor. Read more Vacupunktur Vejle

    In 1870 the first metal machine was invented. The front wheel was very high and the pedals were fixed to the front wheel directly. It consisted of solid rubber tires. The pneumatic tire was first invented by an Irish veterinarian as he was trying to make his sons tricycle ride more at ease and enjoyable.

    Since riding a bicycle solely depends on man power, it is a good remedy to decrease environment pollution which is caused by fuel burning. A person riding a bicycle is known as cyclist otherwise a bicyclist.

    The bicycle has become a accepted mode of transport in many regions in the present world. Riding bicycles is a very good form of exercise for the body and and it is economical. Bicycle races are a ordinary entertainment.Series is a two wheel drive vehicle which is pedale.

    There are various types of bicycles in today's society. Utility bicycles, mountain bicycles, racing bicycles, touring bicycles and BMX bikes are some of the common varieties. The mountain bikes have gears to operate what time climbing mountains and hills. The Lady's bike doesn't have the bar and this trait makes it very easy to climb and descend from the bike. Read more Kranio sakral terapi Vejle

    There are bikes meant for two people too. Some of them are built in a way that both riders can paddle. But some of them are meant for one to paddle while the other just sit and enjoy the ride. Most of the modern day bikes have rim brakes. In the occasion of applying brakes resistance pads are compressed against the wheel rims.

    Bicycles are used in particular types of jobs like mail delivery, couriering and general delivery. Bicycles are used in circus performances, chiefly by clowns.

    The main part of a bicycle is the wheels. When riding through soggy areas, mudguards, which are also known as fenders, shield the rider from getting sprayed. The chain guards protect the rider from any possible oil sprays and also avert clothing from being caught between the chain and crank set teeth. Read more Custommade toej

    Child seats are available which can be fixed in the front part of bicycles which enables to take very young children about on the bike unharmed.

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