• Save up to car repair

  • It has never been as difficult as it is now to feel financially sound, and if Murphy’s Law has its way, just when you get a good grasp on your finances, your car will break down. Cars need regular maintenance and occasional repair, but most do not budget for these basic needs. Starting an auto repair savings account will not solve all the problems that arise from bar trouble, but it will certainly curb the financial blow.

    Begin your plan by deciding how much regular maintenance your vehicle or vehicles need. Using your average mileage, determine how many oil changes and tune ups you will need. The average driver drives twelve-thousand miles per year which should typically result in at least three oil changes in a calendar year.

    Judging by the typical driver, about seventy five dollars a year should be saved for regular oil changes. In a year’s time each vehicle should have a tune up, and will likely need one small repair such as new tires, brake pads, or shocks. Major repairs are not that common, and are even less common when an owner takes his vehicle for regular maintenance.

    Any amount of money set aside specifically for the care of your vehicle is better than no cushion at all, so start out small with what your budget will allow. Fifty dollars a month automatically placed in a savings account will accrue six –hundred dollar a year plus a little interest. That’s enough for all your typical maintenance and a few minor repairs. When the time comes to shell out some cash, the money is available. This relieves the biggest stress associated with vehicles---repair bills.Save up to car repair

    As the months go by and your savings accumulates, continue contributing to the account even if you have not had to dip into it. If at the end of a good year, five hundred-dollars remain untouched, do not stop the savings plan. As your car ages and needs more intense wear and tear fixes, you will be glad you kept the savings plan going.

    Eventually, you will be trading your car in and because of the regular maintenance you provided for it, its value will likely be higher than other cars in its class. Selling your well cared for vehicle will afford you a larger down payment, and if you have been true to your auto repair savings plan, the remaining money in your account can be added to your down payment on a new car.

    Keep on saving even though your car is new, and you will never be stressed over a mechanic’s bill again.
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