• Oil Change - do you really need every 3000 miles?

  • Most auto repair pros will tell you that you should get your oil change every 3,000 miles or so. But here, the "or so" is actually more important than the 3,000 miles. The reason is that there are lots of other considerations that go into it. There is no easy answer to this easy question.
    Oil Change - do you really need every 3000 miles?
    First of all, you should consult your vehicle's manual. This will give you a guideline as to how many miles you should go before your next oil change. The reason is that it varies from one make and model to another. However, you'll notice that in newer cars, they're now recommending more like 5,000, 7,500 or even 10,000 miles before getting it changed. Is this safe or healthy for your car?
    Oil Change - do you really need every 3000 miles?
    The reason they're pushing up the mileage is that newer cars are better made. Theoretically, this means you don't have to do it so often. Engines in new cars mix air and fuel more efficiently and this means that the old motoroil doesn't wear down as quickly. Since new cars are under warranty, this means that they have to cover you in the case of problems. This means that it's not in their best interest to recommend overly long periods between changes.
    Oil Change - do you really need every 3000 miles?
    However, most mechanics will tell you that it's best not to push it. There have been some problems recently with new vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota and Chrysler where there has been increased engine sludge due to these recommendations. In order to ensure the longest life possible for your car and its engine, it's probably better to get changes done more often than not often enough.
    Oil Change - do you really need every 3000 miles?
    A lot of it depends on how you drive, too, and this is another reason why there is no one-size-fits-all answer. If you spend most of your time driving on the open road during nice weather, you'll probably be okay with getting an oil change less frequently. But most of us drive in city or suburban traffic, which means lots of stopping and starting. This is especially hard on engines and requires more changes in order to keep them running smoothly. You might also face adverse weather conditions which can affect the engine.
    Oil Change - do you really need every 3000 miles?
    It's probably best to get the advice of your mechanic and use your own judgment. Schedule your changes so that they're about every 3,000 miles or so and put it on your calendar. An oil change reduces corrosion and keeps your engine lubricated so there's no friction. This gives your car longer life and allows it to run more efficiently. With all the places offering discounts on this simple maintenance procedure, it's well worth the price to get it done often. Find a good auto shop with prices you like and you'll end up saving in the long run.
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