• Get the right ATV wheels

  • There are specific ATV wheels for various purposes. For utility wheels for example, you will need wheels like that of the golf cars with aluminum and titanium elements added to achieve superior performing wheel. These ATV wheels are heat treated for uniform and for higher impact strength. Standard strength spun aluminum ATV wheels are what you need for sports ATV wheels, on the other hand. These wheels are ideal for recreation as they are made from thick heat treated aircraft grade aluminum.

    For ultimate ATV use, ultimate ATV wheels are available and are the lightest way to reinforce the vulnerable bead area. These wheels basically feature spun aluminum with billet and integral bead locks that provide maximum strength with minimum weight. Also, there super strength clamping rings aid in self-centering tires. If you are either involved in racing or desiring to get higher top speed, lightweight polished aluminum wheels are the best options. But if you want to keep your cost down to a minimum and have a strong high quality ATV wheels, steel wheels are made for you. Hence, whether you need sport, utility, sand, mud, trail or racing wheels for your favorite type of 4-wheeling, you are surely to get the right one since all major wheel manufacturers are responsive to your ATV needs. Get the right ATV wheels

    Generally, metal ATV wheels are two-piece constructions of aluminum or steel. They are welded together in the center with a typical diameter about 250 mm to 300 mm. Many have agreed that wheels used by off road ATV racers take tremendous abuse. Metal wheels bend out of shape or crack and break during races. Normally, when wheels are damage, you get to throw the whole things away. This can be very costly at all times. Hence, today the attempt to design ATV wheels that can absorb energy and resist fatigue is a hot item. It is a great vision for some manufacturers to produce a lighter and much tougher composite alternative at a similar or low price. These are believed to last longer under racing conditions.

    In the attempt to enhance ATV performance and power, innovative features to ATV wheels are surely the best answers. Today, composite wheels are put to test and are designed to flex under load and spring back to shape, through million of cycles. Aside from defining part function and developing a prototype, the design process also includes identifying a high elongation material that could flex without cracking and be inexpensive to manufacture using a high volume process, such as injection molding.

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