• Automotive Glass - the steps to buy a new windshield

  • Your primary concern after having your windshield shattered in an accident is getting your car back in working condition. Wasting time with your car in the shop can mean money spent on rental cars or even days missed from work. You never realize how important your car is to you until you donít have it anymore. But in the rush to get your car back, donít overlook the importance of choosing good, sturdy auto glass. If you cheap out, you could have a major incident down the road, which could not only endanger your safety, but will wind up costing you twice as much. Here are the steps you should take to replace your glass.
    Automotive Glass - the steps to buy a new windshield
    First things first, determine whether or not your insurance company will be paying for the auto glass. In many states, it is the law that the insurance company pay 100% of the replacement costs of a windshield. If you have a full insurance policy and this is covered, you no longer need to worry about paying for the problem out of pocket. Of course, the insurance company may have a say over where you take the car. If you want freedom of choice, you might have to go ahead and pay for it yourself. It all comes down to what is more important to you: quality, speed, or cost. This is, of course, assuming you canít get all three in one package. If you donít have an insurance company willing to pay for the damage, then this wonít be a concern.
    Automotive Glass - the steps to buy a new windshield
    Next, youíll need to decide whether you want OEM auto glass or if youíre willing to settle for an aftermarket windshield. OEM glass will either be directly from the manufacturer of your car or will be built to exact specifications. Aftermarket windshields are a mixed bag. You might get one that is superior to what you had before. In more cases than none, however, the windshield will be inferior in some way. Perhaps it wonít have the tinting your original glass had. Maybe it wonít have the thickness, or the treatments. It will be cheaper, however, which may be the most important thing on your mind at the moment.
    Automotive Glass - the steps to buy a new windshield
    Finally, youíll need to decide where to go for your auto glass. There are specific shops that specialize in nothing more. Usually, these shops will have ďglassĒ somewhere in the name itself. You can also go straight to the dealership where you purchased your automobile. This will be the most expensive choice, though, and it may also be the one that requires you to wait the longest time. If youíre concerned about getting all maintenance done through the dealer for warranty purposes, however, this will be the choice you want to make. If thatís not a concern, you can usually do better in almost all categories by taking your business elsewhere.
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