• ATV parts classification

  •  The first thing which you need to know is that there are two types of ATV parts. Ones which you need to purchase first hand and the other which should be purchased second hand. If you know which part fall under which category then you could save quite a lot of money.

    The parts which need to buy first hand are the performance parts. These are what basically help in smooth running of the vehicle. Performance parts usually include the parts which wear off by time. For this reason people go for second hand purchases. This is not wise. The second hand part would never be able to provide optimum performance. Not to mention it would wear off even faster. Parts like tires, break shoes come under such a category. If you have problem purchasing these ATV parts again and again then simply buy them from a whole sale shop. This way you would be paying a lot less for each part, not to mention you could have the part replaced when required. If you don’t want all of them then simply put them up on eBay. You wont believe it but people actually earn a living this way.

    ATV parts classification

    ATV parts which need to be bought second hand are basically accessories. If a part has no contribution to the performance then you could purchase them second hand. You must have seen cars having a door or a bumper which does not match with the color of the car. The reason is that people purchase these parts second hand. After that they simply get the parts painted. The price of such a part would be quite less as compared to a brand new car.

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