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  • In the absence of clocks, save perhaps the timetable of transportation, the unfamiliar periods of inactivity can channel ones thoughts into where they are going in life and it is often that people return to their normal lives in some way altered to the good by the experience of another country or culture.
    The massive continent of Africa, with its diverse peoples holding many attributes and needs may stimulate in some visitors a strong response to become physically and/or financially involved in a project to aid and develop those villagers with whom they experienced their vacation.
    The growlingly endangered wildlife of Africa equally promotes interest and involvement leading to becoming more educated about the subject of conservation. The medias abundant coverage of worldwide human and animal events, endeavours and way of life brings the natural world right into the homes of the television audience which often leads to the instigation of holiday plans.
    The iconic Big Five (lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros), may be at the top of many lists and can be found within the excellent game reserves and National Parks - The Kruger National Park, Masai Mara and Tanzanias vast game rich plains to name but a few. For birdwatchers the verdant watery paradises of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and for a species that was truly teetering on the brink of extinction the gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda.
    An African Safari vacation can turn the most amateur holiday snapper into an avid photographer thereby fuelling further interest and more and more adventurous trips to achieve improved, quality photographic memories. An existing passion for some becomes a new canvas for the creative outlet of others.To explore, and participate in discussions!
    There are many luxury safari camps and lodges that actively support and develop the lives of their local community whether by employment within the properties, training and education of guides or by utilising local skills in the production and display of cloth, table linens, artefacts and curios. Funds raised by the sale of items may be crucial in the ongoing projects and the involvement of guests helps to broadcast and support these activities perhaps in the supply of equipment, footballs and kits and even to provide scholarships for bright students.
    During your stay Managers and staff will be only too happy and very proud to have clients visiting their projects to show off their support in action. At that time you may see a way to be part of that scheme and with that thought in mind, return home to spread the word and your enthusiasm amongst your family, friends and colleagues.
    Your vacation may not end with your departure from Africa as this safari vacation could be the beginning of something will stay with you forever.
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    Graeme is writing on behalf of Opulent Africa Family Safaris
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