• Mui Wo He-Ne, Vietnam, the perfect place for your summer vacation

  • When one talks about Vietnam’s tourist attractions at Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, it’s deficient if we don’t mention Mui Ne as the most gracefully seductive sea cape of Vietnam. Just 200km north of Ho Chi Minh City is the small fishing town of Phan Thiet. It’s serene and tropical, the perfect get-away from city life.

    Mui Ne with natural beauty and recreation of the sea. This summer why not come here, you will enjoy the delicious seafood, and enjoy the various interesting activities, for example, swimming, sunbathing, golf, diving and snorkeling,  hunting, or hidden in a charming night life and relaxed with the live music or local sea festival.

    The name “Mui Ne” meaning comes from the fishing people in the past get in here to hide the storm on their fishing days. “Mui” means cape, and “Ne” means hide. It features sweeping sand dunes and beautiful rows of palm trees. Tourists can easily be attracted by the deep blue of the sea, the golden of the sun and sand, all converging in warmth and purity, beautiful beaches gently sloping to the sea, gentle breezes, pure sea, blue sky, and cristine reddish sand dunes.

    Mui Ne Beach:

    Set in front of beautiful red sand dunes, Mui Ne offers more than 16 kilometers of once pristine coastline. The beach is shallow and sloped, the water is clean and blue and the sun rarely hides behind clouds. It boasts shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea. It is a precious gift of Nature, with the most beautiful sand – banks in Vietnam. The sand gathers together making the endless accumulated hills. With strong sea breezes, It has become the wind surf sports capital of Vietnam, kite surfing has really taken off here.Mui Wo He-Ne, Vietnam, the perfect place for your summer vacation

    Mui Ne Sand:

    Fantastic red and white-sand  dunes, which can be explored on a jeep tour (most often includes a sand-sledding session), are a must-see. Flying Sand dune is one of the longest sand banks stretching a series of kilometers and areas. Its name derives from the main golden color with the existence of hundreds of years.

    Besides beaches and sand dunes, there are also beautiful landscapes such as Suoi Tien (Fairy Spring), is a shallow stream of running water that flows through patches of dunes with interesting sand formations on one side and vegetation on the other.

    Mui Ne is an ideal place to rest and relax. You can definitely swim in clear blue water of the sea, climbing sand dunes. In fact, this oasis entertainment person of all ages, furthermore,  provides an endless inspiration to the creation.

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