• In order to avoid lost luggage panic, when you go during the holidays!

  • I don't know if you have ever been the 'victim' of delayed or disappearing luggage.

    It is never a nice feeling to be at your destination and not have the necessities you need to freshen up, go about your business, or move into the next day.

    I have only experienced delayed luggage a few times during my flights but to be sure that I am not stranded without the accessories and clothing I need, I always follow this key strategy. That way I am prepared for almost any luggage delay or disappearance that may occur.

    Key Strategy... Try to pack everything into your carry-on bag. [Women can also divide some of these items and put them into an oversized handbag.]

    If you can, wear your heaviest clothes, and dress in layers if it is not too hot.

    What items do you really need to include in your carry-on? Here is a list that will be helpful...


    In order to avoid lost luggage panic, when you go during the holidays!

    - Walking shoes

    - Dress shoes

    - Sweater

    - Waterproof jacket or raincoat

    - Socks [which can double as slippers]

    - Nightwear that can double as a robe

    - 2 skirts, preferably reversible? [or 1 Skort, shorts that have flaps over them so they can double as a skirt]

    - Jeans

    - Shorts

    - 3 Shirts [1 can be a t-shirt that doubles as and undershirt or beach cover up.]

    - Bathing Suit

    - Underwear.


    In order to avoid lost luggage panic, when you go during the holidays!

    - Medications and prescriptions

    - Extra eyeglasses, Contact Lenses

    - Sunglasses

    - Folding Umbrella

    - First Aid Kit [small]

    - Toothpaste and brush

    - Dental Floss

    - Deodorant

    - Shampoo - small travel container

    - Cosmetics - small travel container

    - Sunscreen - small travel container


    In order to avoid lost luggage panic, when you go during the holidays!

    - Travel size hair dryer

    - Radio or MP3 player - small

    - Travel Alarm

    - Camera + Film, or Digital [don't forget batteries]

    - Laundry Detergent

    - Iron - small fold-up travel one

    - Magazine or Book to read.

    Packing these items so they are with you in your carry-ons will help to relieve any tension and

    stress that would occur at the arrival of your destination, if your luggage was no where to be found.

    You would be able to go about your day, get to your hotel or resort and change into fresh clothing, instead of having to frantically shop around to replace these items.

    Yes, you may be a little bit inconvenienced not having all of your clothes and accessories with you, but at least this way you could be as relaxed as possible with a few days of clothing to carry you over.

    Let the airlines do the frantic work of finding your additional suitcases or property, while you enjoy the trip you planned!

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