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  • Before it became a hotel this was originally a religious foundation or monastery. During the 19th century it was renovated and transformed into a family rest house or summer house. But in 1901 the summerhouse was converted into Grand Hotel Splendid. This was possibly made by an Italian named Ruggero Valentini. Since its inauguration, the hotel was playing host to different rich and famous people, even to the noble families. The first ever person to sign in the visitor’s book was the Duke of Windsor. In the year 1985 a certain company bought it and change the name into hotel Splendido. This hotel is now very famous and the most preferred hotel which is visited by some popular celebrities.
    In HOTEL SPLENDIDO luxury holidays
    The hotel Splendido has been attracting visitors from all over the world with its well-designed sixty four guest rooms. For the past years this hotel has performed like a magnet to attract celebrity and fashionable clients. It provides high quality standard of hotel keeping for international while smartly managing to keep calm and stress free Mediterranean atmosphere.
    In HOTEL SPLENDIDO luxury holidays
    Hotel Splendido has beautiful alleyways that will lead down into the yacht-scattered harbour through its blue sea. The hotel’s rooms have tiled balconies which allow the guests to take advantages of the desirable settings. But each room is different from the modern design of many hotels because of its antque feature. The spectacular waterfront views, hills side scenery, peaceful and comforting ambience makes hotel Splendido as one of the finest hotels in Europe. Its swimming pool is often the central point during hot seasons.
    In HOTEL SPLENDIDO luxury holidays
    The hotel Splendido is Portofino’s most elite hotel. The hotel is located where it could overlook the Portofino’s bay. Its shops, restaurants, and nightlife place are just a short distance from the town. The hotel’s individual decorated suites, excellent cuisine, and perfect customer service the hotel is now the jewel of crown in Portofino.
    In HOTEL SPLENDIDO luxury holidays
    The hotel has just recently made an extension hotel that is called hotel Splendido mare. This extension hotel is situated in the central part of Portofino which is just a short distance from the main. The extension hotel is mingles perfectly with the frontage of the villa and it overlooks the harbour.
    In HOTEL SPLENDIDO luxury holidays
    Hotel Splendido is one of the world’s most passionate lavish hotels. It makes people to fall in love because of its romantic atmosphere. The hotel can be expensive during peak seasons and possibly over crowded. If you can afford to have a luxury holiday just visit the hotel Splendido. The relaxation that you are looking for can be found at this hotel.
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    Plan your luxury holidays now. And make sure to have a good stay at Hotel Splendido in your travel plan.
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