• FAQs and figures of the termite control

  • Termite control eradication concerns many homeowners each and every day. These pesky specks may be tiny but they can topple a house. In fact, these insects are so destructive that a termite inspection is a routine occurrence when a real estate transaction transpires. Before signing on the dotted line on the purchase of a piece of property, buyers need to be assured that no termites are living in the structure eating up the house. If there is any evidence of an infestation, a seller will have to eradicate it before the deal goes through. Many homeowners are puzzled by this problem. Here are some frequently asked questions along with some answers.

    - What do these critters eat exactly? They eat wood, paper, swimming pool filters, landscaping shrubbery and books. Itís important to put an end to their appetites before they take a chunk out of a structure.

    Do they show up during certain seasons? They become active during the springtime. Rain and warmer temperatures are prime conditions for swarming, flying colonies of them to invade.
    - What are the signs of an infestation? Mud tubes may start to appear on walls, wood, window sills, foundation and floor joists. These tubes are built by the insects as a way of protecting their underground pathways. If there are signs of flying termites, chances are good that mud tubes are somewhere in the vicinity.

    - What can be done to get rid of them? Professional exterminators must be called in to get rid of these complicated pests. Itís not a simple procedure because of the rapidly spreading swarms and potential damage that may occur. Holes are often drilled in foundation, bricks and more and then filled with specific chemicals. Sometimes itís necessary for a tent to be placed over the structure of the residence to have a satisfactory outcome. In the case of tenting, inhabitants would have to temporarily vacate the premises. Treatments may be done via baits or liquid repellants.FAQs and figures of the termite control

    - Will pets and people be harmed by these various chemicals? Studies have shown the products to be safe if used within specific guidelines. Baiting is shown to be safer than liquids. Family members and household animals should probably stay away from the insecticides for a period of time.

    Will these termite control treatments be a permanent cure? Pesticides used to get rid of termites are designed to last for several years. Most professionals advise homeowners to have the dwelling rechecked periodically in order to be on the lookout for new colonies and mud tubes.

    How should a company be chosen? Itís always wise to get recommendations for two or three companies and then get quotes from each. The company should be licensed with the state regulating officials in order to be assured that all measures of safety are being followed. Getting information regarding warranties is a good idea as well.

    Termite control is a complex area of pest elimination. These bugs are challenging to get rid of and the potential destruction is formidable. Itís wise to get advice about eradication from trained, competent and reputable technicians in order to say goodbye to the problem.
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