• Carefree holiday cleaning

  • 1. Clear away the clutter. Not only do toys and other objects present a tripping hazard that could injure a friend or family member when visiting but they detract from the visual impact of the room. Sometimes less really is more - especially when planning to have company over to visit. While you are making space, take a few minutes to make sure the rugs and carpets are in good repair as well. Torn edges, unraveled or threadbare areas and upturned corners are just a few of the frequently encountered carpet problems that are easily repaired by a full service carpet cleaner and rug repair technician.

    2. Dust and deodorize. Dusting is easy to accomplish but take the time to deal with ceiling fans, light fixtures and other out of the way items that may be missed. It's also a good idea to deodorize your home especially if you have pets or enjoy cooking at home. Unpleasant odors are a leading reason for a home feeling less than clean; better yet, call a carpet cleaner to schedule a carpet cleaning session along with upholstery and furniture. It's a great way to freshen the house while eliminating dust, pollen and even mites from furniture and floors. Best of all, it will leave your home smelling as good as it looks when a green cleaner is used. No harsh toxic chemical means your home is clean - never contaminated.

    Carefree holiday cleaning

    3. Deep clean those carpets. Whether you opt to do it yourself and lug heavy equipment across town or simply call a Houston carpet cleaning company, one of the fastest and most effective ways to make your home look showroom ready is to have the carpets professionally cleaned. Fortunately it's easier than ever especially with the new "dry" cleaning technology that allows carpets to be walked on in less than an hour. No wet soggy socks or musty mess; in fact, it's often possible to schedule to have your carpets cleaned the same day as you intend to entertain by calling a full service Houston carpet cleaner like Kiwi Services.

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