• Black mold testing - look in your home

  • Mold is a common problem in many homes, and most varieties of mold are not very harmful. However, some types of mold can be very harmful, and one of these types is black mold. It is a type of the strachybotrys mold, and is one of the most dangerous varieties.

    This type of germs can have many adverse health effects for humans. A house which is infested with mold can become very unsafe for the residents. Therefore, it is important to detect them at the earliest stages, so that it can easily be controlled, and eliminated.

    Mold can be very hard to detect, because it grows in difficult to reach places. The places which are most susceptible to their growth are dark, damp places, where the flow of air is restricted. Humidity and lack of sunlight can cause mold to grow rapidly. In most houses, mold grows in areas, such as closets, basements and air conditioning vents. These are places which are not visible, so they can often go undetected for a long time.

    Black mold testing - look in your home

    There are some symptoms which can help in the detection of mold. One of the first symptoms of black mold is its odor. It has a strong musty odor which can be quite overbearing, and lingers around infested areas. If you detect such a smell in any part of the house, have it checked for their growth.

    Another symptom of black mold is green and yellow patches, and stains in the area of infestation. These often appear on walls when there is a mold problem, and can cause the paint to get discolored. Mold can also cause paint to peel from the walls, or cause cracks to appear. If you see any such symptoms around the house, call an expert and have your house checked for mold infestation. An easy test to determine mold growth is to shine a black light on the areas you think are infested. If the area appears yellow in the black light, then you are dealing with mold.

    Mold grows in damp and humid places, so always check for leaks and flooding problems if you are trying to detect mold. Such places are most susceptible to mold growth and are often the core of the problem. If you see any of the above mold symptoms, act fast and call in the experts as soon as possible. Such small preventive measures can help your family in living a healthier life.

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