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  • Sure, I am a personal injury attorney, but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy hearing about, or representing the victims of, preventable car accidents. Part of my role is to help all the drivers out there to be safer on the road.Texting, eating and applying makeup while driving, changing the radio station, reprogramming the navigation system, talking on the phone or driving intoxicated all contribute to the 6+ million car accidents witnessed in the United States every year. Though you may not engage in these distractions while driving- there are many others on the road who do and here are some simple tips to help prevent causing or being involved in an accident. Here are a few simple reminders that may just make you safer!

    1. Focus on the Road and Remove Distractions: Cell phones, changing out the CD, switching the music on your music player all distract you from the road. About 80% of the 6+ million accidents each year are caused by distracted drivers.

    2. Stay out of the “fast lane”:

    According to research most freeway accidents take place in the left lane. The right and middle lanes offer more escape routes in case of emergency- helping you avoid collision.

    3. Keep an Eye Out:

    Don’t simply watch what the person in front of you is doing- pay attention to the cars 3 or 4 lengths ahead of you. You will know what is happening further up the road which will enable you to avoid a collision in the event that the person in front of you is not paying adequate attention.

    4. Hands on the wheel: Holding the steering wheel properly in the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position provides more control over your car- enabling you to more easily react and maneuver.

    5. Monitor your blind spots:10 how to prevent accidents

    Quite a few accidents occur as the result of blind spots. The drivers of large trucks are often scrutinized for this, but all drivers should be monitoring their blind spots- particularly when changing lanes.

    6. Be Cautious at Intersections:

    Intersections can be extremely dangerous- never gun-it when the light turns green- instead make sure there are no vehicles running red lights. Also pay close attention to pedestrians who may have the right of way.

    7. You Can Judge a Driver by their Vehicle: If a car has a considerable amount of bodily damage that may indicate a poor driver.

    8. Be Familiar with Your Car and its Abilities: Know your vehicle’s limits so you may be able to handle adverse conditions. If you have weak tires don’t speed or slam on your breaks while raining and leave ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

    9. Perform Routine Maintenance Visit your mechanic on time with factory recommended services, oil changes etc. Monitor your particular cars recall list and make sure you get any recalls taken care of as soon as possible.

    10. Avoid nighttime driving. Lower visibility and a higher drunk-driving rate make the roads particularly dangerous after hours.

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