• Japanese used car sales: 5 steps to save money, buy used cars from Japan

  • While buying a used cars from Japan, it seems to be quite common that people get anxious on the sticker price, for a particular make or model. But thatís not the end. There are some other factors that are to be considered. If a particular car is a set of wheels that nicely suites for you and your family, you should go after the check list for how to save your bucks from Japan used cars sale.

    In Japan used cars sale has got changed since the days when sellers and dealers used to lead and you had to tolerate marathon haggling sessions in order to deal a good used car. Nowadays a careful buyer can research used vehicles, find out a good target price for your selected car and get competing dealer bids before going to visit the car at the showroom.

    Follow these 5 simple steps and be sure that the car you are buying is the right car for you and your family.†

    1. Bring each and every cost into consideration

    Along with the buying price of the used car from Japan there are other costs too. Gas, insurance, maintenance and shipment charges and in some nation there are also the cost of harsh import taxes are also applied on used cars. If you want to sell this car in a year or two then think about the resale value as this is also very important.

    2. Think Functionally

    * Make sure that the used car you are fantasizing really suits with your transportation needs.
    * Will you mostly use that car for travelling?
    * Do you haul a lot of passengers most of the times?
    * How much gas mileage is important to you? Japanese used car sales: 5 steps to save money, buy used cars from Japan

    There are many tools available online to sort used cars by features large and small. Say, if you are looking for a SUV with seating capacity of 5 passengers that has an input for your mobile phone, so you can narrow down your list by the price also.

    3. Keep other options in consideration:

    Donít limit your search with a single brand. For instance if you are living in the areas with lots of snow, then your choice will definitely be a all wheel-drive, small SUV. For this you can go with all-wheel Ford Escape XLT version, priced somewhere between $25,000 to 26,000. In contrast a Subaru Outback can also be a good alternative with better safety and resale value at a price somewhere between $24,000 to 25,000.

    4. Donít think rather know your target price

    Once you find your target car, find out your target price. There are various resources available online where you can see the average price paid for a particular used car in a particular area. You can also find the lowest price, best price or the maximum price at which you can buy or sell a particular used car.

    5. Take quite a few price quotes and negotiate

    Try the online Japan used cars sale options where you can get less sales pitch and more information about the car you want to buy. There are various Online used car traders over internet. You can find best price offer, compare it with your target price and quotes from other used car dealers in Japan.
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